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Motion 20

About Us

Motion 20 is a video production company based out of Western, ON. We specialize in film, commercials, music videos and other promotional content tailored for the big screen and social media platforms. 

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The Founder / Producer / Creative Director

St. Christopher Bailey pka (professionally known as SAIIXNT) is a black Canadian producer/director who got his start producing music videos in Toronto back in 2008. He and his partner quickly became a staple in both the US and Canadian music industry, working with some of the biggest artists in North America. Saiixnt's down to earth organic style of directing made him very popular amongst his diverse clients.

Saiixnt eventually started his own production company Motion 20 which focused on visual content for businesses and film production. He has worked with a variety of startups like LSSN and Rite Paint & Renos, along with recognizable brands like Sony Music, OVO and New Balance just to name a few.  He has also produced a web series called Talk Of Toronto and short documentary called More Than a Body. Saiixnt has also produced a few festival selected short films such as Forgiveness and Kreme and most recently released a feature film called Because We Are which is currently distributed nationally by Gravitas ventures. 

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